Internet Radio is growing every day with more people using mobile devices to listen online music. In America people from age 12 and over for a total of Over 57 million of people (that’s 22% of the U.S. population) now listens to Internet radio.

Internet radio have a leap of almost 30% from last year’s, 17% is people of the U.S. population, this is the double what it was 5 years ago. This rise is largely attributable to the growth in Americans’ use of mobile technology, Smartphone ownership has tripled in two years. And contenues to rise in popularity.

Is the future of terrestrial radio disappear? Well could be,  New cars  come with connection to listen music online,(after market devices are on the market) and if you add people that already use their mobile devices connected to their car stereo to listen to Internet Radio, well I could say we are very close.

From local business to nation wide business, You have much to gain with online radio advertising and what about E-Bay stores or websites? Online Radio is the perfect advertising solution. Creat buzz, interest and awareness along with credibility since your ad is not a pop up or redirect or email spam, listeners are 100 times more inclined to check out your site!

We offer a high quality radio stream, our stream is in the popular MP3 format and not the aac of flac which is cheaper to produce but has lots of limits our mp3 stream is playable by thousands of phones and pc's.

We have our own facebook player app. we have our own app. for smartphones. and we have multiple streams for use with Itunes, windows media player, Mac OS. and more so no matter what the listener is using they can tune in to us. This is important because many online stations offer one low quality stream and use some other branded stream provider. Not us we host our own streams we offer high quality with out buffering, we are listed on multiple radio directories and apps like TunIN radio. We are on air 24/7 with dedicated servers to manage and handle all aspects of the stream and station site.

    Our stations offer family friendly Christian format with a positive uplifting music airing 24/7. And Green Image Marketing is the Only authorized
Vendor for commercial sales. Think Radio is too expensive? Think again!

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